Accident Happens

Just a few days ago, an accident happened. It was 4 AM and I am moving this blog over to CloudKilat. Already got the MySQL dump transferred, would need to have the whole site rsync-ed to the new server. So I did it. Without me realizing, I misplaced the source and destination ending up the new server’s home directory rsync-ed to the original server. A fundamental mistake. Luckily, as I said above, the MySQL dump is already safe at hand so to rebuild another Wordpress blog would be a matter of configurations. [Read More]

Hacking CodeIgniter for Persistent Timestamped Cache with Memcache

I’ve got myself a long title for a blog post this time. This post is exactly what the title says. Been twisting my head figuring out how to bypass CodeIgniter’s internal to hack CodeIgniter’s ability to do a persistent timestamped cache of generated HTML contents using Memcached. I couldn’t find any other way to speed up cached HTML content serving within the framework, so after a long talk with @chazzuka, I made the choice to skip framework. [Read More]

CodeIgniter Session With Memcache + Anti Bots!

Last night was a thrilling change of routine. Urbanesia was crippled because of the unprecedented growth of our MongoDB databases. I must admit that MongoDB is like Memcache with steroids, well it overdosed. MongoDB doesn’t have any mechanism to limit its memory usages, the only limit we can define is the size of its individual files. Therefore, something must be done! The second flaw was with CodeIgniter by design. By default, CodeIgniter uses its own Session handling mechanism either by using cookie and or database. [Read More]

Cryptic Consequences - Memcache

This is yet another blog post about the almighty Memcache hehehe. As do all of us I assume, more than often Memcache has always been a lifesaver won’t you say? Well at least when it is tamed, I’m positive it’s a lifesaver anytime, when it’s still wild, extremely saying: you shit bricks lol. Well here’s another Memcache experience. First of all you gotta visit man. The header from the top right is littered with illustrations of either rabbits or cats. [Read More]

MongoDB With CodeIgniter

Today was started with a big curiosity towards Urbanesia’s recent performance drop. This week we discovered that although we have completely revamped our codes to hack CI to use MongoDB as its session storage instead of MySQL, we found that Memcache is the bottleneck. When I woke up today, I was devastated to know that it took at minimum 5.7 seconds to load any of our business profiles. So I went hunting for the source of this irritating loading time. [Read More]