Thoughts of Grandeur - OOPS

Okay the title is a WTF right? To be honest, this blog post is inspired by one of the earliest episode of Heroes when Nathan and his Mom told Peter that he is having illusions of grandeur. Evidently, Peter became one of the most talented and gifted mutant of them all, he figured out how to gain any power he wants without killing the subject unlike Sylar lol. Well subjectively I must say that thinking BIG is a blessing. [Read More]

Morning Glory

Does any of you guys know what Morning Glory means? I can think of 3 definitions and one of them is sexual hahaha. Well this morning I was lucky enough to experience Morning Glory. I am NOT a morning person. It’s like coded in my genes that everything works after sunset BUT the recent changes of direction in my life are affecting me in a peculiar way. Anyways, this morning I had coffee with @rampok at Starbucks Melawai. [Read More]