Create Your Own Android Splash Screen and Boot Animation

So far my experience compiling my own version of Android using CyanogenMod 7.1 here is as sharp as it can be. I’m running it smoothly on my Nexian Journey and it’s time to do some changes to CM’s default theme to show my own. Either creating the splash screen or the boot animation, each of the tasks have its own complication. I’m gonna start off by creating a boot animation. [Read More]

Building Android Gingerbread CyanogenMod 7.1 for Nexian Journey - Mac OS X Lion

Owkay, this is my first shot at compiling and building CyanogenMod 7.1 for Nexian Journey. Been trying to do so for the last 8 hours with only now I’m seeing some light on how to do it properly with Mac OS X Lion. Before starting, you should check out these resources to gain some grasp about the whole process: Google’s official documentation CyanogenMod official instructions for Commtiva Z71 Marko Gargenta’s fabulous screencast part 1 and part 2 Modaco’s tips & trick compiling CyanogenMod in OS X Lion here The Nexian Journey MUST already be rooted, steps are located here Coffee and about 3+ hours to spend when building the first time From here on, the road will be bumpy and I warn you, your Internet bandwidth is gonna play a big part in finishing up all the necessary steps. [Read More]

Upgrade Nexian Journey to Gingerbread - Android 2.3

Tonight I was curious about some infos surrounding Gingerbread upgrade for Nexian Journey. From a thread here at XDA-Developers Forum, looks like a fellow Indonesian has managed to compile and install a Gingerbread ROM for his own Nexian Journey. I read about that a few days ago and last night CyanogenMod 7.0 was released. Still with RC0 but it’ll be nice to live on the edge :) These are the requirements for Gingerbread to happen: A Nexian Journey with Clockwork Recovery and Android 2. [Read More]

Nexian Journey - Froyo - CyanogenMod 6.1.1 STABLE

Back again with another post about Nexian Journey. The wait is complete for a stable Froyo mod from Cyanogen. The stable mod was released on 12 December 2010. Now let’s get our hacking mood on and get that mod into our Nexian Journey shall we? [UPDATE] Fixed missing Google Apps MDPI Link :) If you haven’t followed the steps in my last post here, please do so. Here’s some requirements for the mod to happen: CyanogenMod 6. [Read More]

Upgrade Nexian Journey to Froyo - Cyanogen Mod 6.1

The first Cyanogen Mod build for Nexian Journey is quite the rush. By default, the CPU is forced to run at 800 MHz, that’s more than the 600 MHz capability of the phone. Luckily, the next build now defaults to 600 MHz and that’s the build I’m upgrading my phone with. The requirements to upgrade is the following: Upgrade your phone to Eclair if you’re not already in Eclair. Steps to do so after the break. [Read More]

Android Dev Tip: Show Your "Invisible Apps" in Android Market

Aren’t you pissed when you’ve done all the codings and debugging only to find out after you pay $25, your apps didn’t show up at Android Market? Okay this particular issue has bugged me twice in the last 3 months and it’s suffice to say, I must share this with other developers who might be experiencing the same issue. Yes it’s the Urbanesia app I’m talking about :) Today was planned to release the app to Android Market. [Read More]