This, The Reason Of Songwriting

This, The Reason Of Songwriting
The second post of reliving the songs I’ve written or cowritten, first post here. The most powerful song both me and Ina has ever written, ever! I still remember all of the hours we spent writing, recording and arguing about this song. More about this below. Ina and I are cousins from my dad’s side. One day after the third song I wrote, I met her at my grandma’s house. I played the song and right there and then we began spending more and more time collaborating. [Read More]

One More Week

Last Monday, we went to the doctor for Eci’s weekly pregnancy checkup. There were reasons for my wife prohibiting her to deliver the child normally. We’d knew about it during the last ~9 months but that day, it really struck me deep. We are about to be parents in one more week. All the right (and wrong) choices I made in the past did not prepared me at all for being a father. [Read More]

Spontaneous Writing Episode II

The second episode of Spontaneous Writing is now in session continuing from this previous session. For tonight, my iTunes is happily playing songs by Tohpati in his rather old solo album. By the way, from what I’ve been trying to do the past few weeks, it seems that only when I got home will then writing moments will be abundant for my fingers. Can’t seem to do this while at the office. [Read More]