Microsoft Flight Simulator - 8700K, 3700X & 5600X with an RTX 3080

Microsoft Flight Simulator - 8700K, 3700X & 5600X with an RTX 3080
As I said here and here, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is beautiful. Been flying non-stop the past few months, to this day I’ve logged 229 hours of game time. Flying virtually made me remember moments and also an opportunity to learn something new. This blog post is about what you get in the game with combinations of CPU’s I’ve tested it on and RTX cards namely 2070 Super and 3080. [Read More]

Squeezing Cubieboard for Performance

For the past month, I’ve been pleasantly hacking my Cubieboard to try out several different things. This time, I wanna know how performant Cubieboard is. Benchmarks are configured in such a way to replicate a real Web Application. Preparing Here are the specs for my Cubieboard: AllWinner A10 ARM Single Core CPU 1 GB DDR3 @ 480 MHz 5V / 2A = 10 Watts SATA HD - 5400 RPM Cubian r7 - http://cubian. [Read More]

MongoDB With CodeIgniter

Today was started with a big curiosity towards Urbanesia’s recent performance drop. This week we discovered that although we have completely revamped our codes to hack CI to use MongoDB as its session storage instead of MySQL, we found that Memcache is the bottleneck. When I woke up today, I was devastated to know that it took at minimum 5.7 seconds to load any of our business profiles. So I went hunting for the source of this irritating loading time. [Read More]