Android - AsyncTask Is A Beauty - Part 2

Here goes the second part of a short tutorial of how beautiful AsyncTask is, the first tutorial is here. Now that we’re moving up to our second activity which is Hacktivate, a brief description about it is that this activity essentially puts all the data retrieved previously and populate a custom layout ListView. To make reading and understanding easier, here are the codes first before anything else. package com.bango.acerid; import java. [Read More]

Android - AsyncTask Is A Beauty - Part 1

Since last weekend, I’ve been coding more on Android and although the topic about AsyncTask is nothing new, I just wanna bring it up again to appreciate its simplicity and more importantly in real world usable best practice. So I decided to create an RSS client from FeedBurner and this time to get feeds from The application basically loads all the feeds with its first Activity, show it with the second activity and another helper Activity to send direct emails for questions related with Acer products. [Read More]