Gotchas Upgrading C# Projects to Visual Studio 2012

My previous post is about my experience developing for Windows 8 RTM using Visual Studio 2012, there were BREAKING changes with Visual Studio 2012 and I feel obliged to map my own efforts for the benefit of other developers. So I’m going straight to the topic. Most of the content is NOT from my own experience, I put them down here to compile the gotchas. Everything you see here is actually available as a whitepaper published by Microsoft here. [Read More]

Windows 8 RTM & Visual Studio 2012 - Urbanesia on Windows 8

My first experience with Hello Worlds was through an old 8088XT that shows up a primitive BASIC IDE to hack on codes. Well now with the Urbanesia team and also past members of the team, we’ve created a native Windows 8 app for Urbanesia. We were in it from the start when Windows 8 was seeded as a Developer Preview. Our first IDE was Visual Studio 11 Beta that is now Visual Studio 2012. [Read More]