Ah not often I write blog posts with only a word as its title, this will be the first for 2011. Couldn’t think of any other title suiting for what I have in mind. It’s just it, compartments. More often than not, in life generally, everyone of us are obliged to do and think horizontally vast and wide making our heads divided into compartments. All of those compartments are often problems right? [Read More]

Cryptic Consequences - Memcache

This is yet another blog post about the almighty Memcache hehehe. As do all of us I assume, more than often Memcache has always been a lifesaver won’t you say? Well at least when it is tamed, I’m positive it’s a lifesaver anytime, when it’s still wild, extremely saying: you shit bricks lol. Well here’s another Memcache experience. First of all you gotta visit man. The header from the top right is littered with illustrations of either rabbits or cats. [Read More]