Accommodating Talents

This has been a fun day of basketball with the guys. I can’t find myself to sleep at this hour because after a few years of never exercising and or playing any kind of sports, I was too drained. So here I am writing a blog post about something Rama and me talked about before we played. About a week ago, I caught up with Ariel and Okto at Setiabudi One to have some geek talks. [Read More]

A Pack of Startups

What is the connection of a pack of cigarrettes with startups? Well I haven’t figured it out completely, might as well write my way until I found some special formula or maybe not, who knows? I am gonna enjoy writing this, hopefully this writing will also keep you entertained. Before anything else, please digest the writings here with a pinch of salt, some lemons and a shot of your favorite Tequila if available :p So this all began when I found myself addicted to 2 things which are cigarrettes and startups. [Read More]

Spontaneous Writing

Okay the title says it all. Been wanting to write a blog post all day but didn’t really got the time until now. This will be the 3rd night in December when insomnia is becoming a habit. Anyways, I wanted to write but I wanna do it “spur of the moment” style. So this blog post will talk about anything that pops up in my mind, bear with me :p [Read More]

Superpowered Geeks

What a title lol! I just had one of the geekiest night just a few hours ago. Not in front of a laptop I might add, it’s one of those days when a few geeks gather to talk about geekness. The vitamin for the night are no other than towers and towers of Bali Hai beer at Bremer Kemang. Quite a night to wrap off a week full of prograsm :) [Read More]

Echelon 2010: Day 1 - Some Thoughts

Some will say it’s enlightening, some also says it’s nothing new from a technical point of view but all of us agree that now is the time for Indonesia as an emerging market to grow and finally create an ecosystem supported by Its startups. Before I say anything else more, I have to say that I was late coming there :( Woke up too late and I got there just in time for @andisboediman and @andyzain presentation. [Read More]

Brilliant Minds at #StartupLokal Gathering

This Thursday night is a moment where innovation and most importantly being local matters. The potentials and ideas that we as Indonesians have are off the chart and I mean that!├é┬áIndonesian Startups need mentoring and that’s a confession. [caption id=“” align=“aligncenter” width=“384” caption=“"][/caption] Every one of us either startups or well established online businesses are connected in a way that we NEED to bring out synergy between us. Each one of us brings something to the table. [Read More]