This, The Reason Of Songwriting

This, The Reason Of Songwriting
The second post of reliving the songs I’ve written or cowritten, first post here. The most powerful song both me and Ina has ever written, ever! I still remember all of the hours we spent writing, recording and arguing about this song. More about this below. Ina and I are cousins from my dad’s side. One day after the third song I wrote, I met her at my grandma’s house. I played the song and right there and then we began spending more and more time collaborating. [Read More]

Love and Music

Love and Music
This is now the hardest time in life when I don’t have music as my release. Tragedies, traumas, infatuations and all the way to love have been lived with music I’ve written, now there’s nothing. It’s been like this for 10 years which feels like an eternity. Seeing myself froze when my fingers are touching guitar strings or piano bars frightens me. Especially in an entrepreneurial way of life in the tech startup industry. [Read More]

Community Audio – Music – Part 3

Here I go again blogging about my own music. It’s been quite a while since I listen to any of the songs I wrote. The statistics at The Internet Archive - Community Audio is a welcomed surprise. This is also a premier blog post using Pro’s custom domain. So 1 day after 65 years of Indonesia, I’m in a old and new mood :) Starting off the list is a song I wrote when I was able to partly let go of someone but yeah, still wishing for something. [Read More]

Community Audio - Music - Part 2

On to the next part of Community Audio a.k.a my own music hosted at The Internet Archive. Most of the song I wrote are hosted over there while still there are other hosted at Myspace and iLike. Looking at the statistics, The Internet Archive is a clear winner, offering access to larger crowds. One of my favorite song is “My Good Friend”. I remembered when writing this song, I was just fooling around with my guitar and my cousin Ina came from out of nowhere and she just started to sing along. [Read More]

Community Audio - Music - Part 1

It’s been more than 5 years since I uploaded my first Creative Commons Licensed music now referred as Community Audio at Bottom-line, looking at the statistics, I was in smiles :) The Internet Archive is more accessible to the mass it reads. There’s this song that I feel is in tune with #StartupLokal hehehe. When I wrote the song, I was on a transitional phase. The song is titled “Ain’t Sorry” and it was sung by my cousin Ina. [Read More]

Heaven Sent

Above those giant trees where creatures seeks to rest The sound of lightning & thunder wakes up mother earth Swirls and transforms dust into life Flowers once again bloom to die Only to bloom again and again in another dimension of love.. as love warms solitude..with hope b: As a star brings hope to sailor, time brings wisdom to be, to be pondered upon.. r: The royal pardon your highness was truly HEAVEN SENT, HEAVEN SENT, HEAVEN SENT The royal pardon your highness was truly HEAVEN SENT, HEAVEN SENT, HEAVEN SENT [Read More]

Dan Pertama Kali Bulan Purnama

Tinta ini mengusik kembali: malam-malam yang telah lampau.. Menjernihkan kejadian-kejadian, yang kini mulai mengabur.. Membalut luka yang akhirnya seperti menyembuh sendiri..

b: Memanggil kembali mereka yang telah lama mati.. Dan yang sudah menua, Paginya pagi.. Dan pertama kali bulan purnama..

r: Tinta ini melukiskan engkau seperti yang aku mau, yang ku rindu darinya: senyumnya, senyumnya..

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Terhimpit ku di tengah keberadaanku, menolak yang pasti kan datang: menjumpai, menantikan kemalangan itu.. Apakah yang mungkin ku perbuat kini, nampaknya hanya bisa ku diam menunggu saja, sampai saat itu tibaaa..tibaa.. Yang ku tahu dan ku yakinkan hanya dia, dia yang masih terhilang.. Menemukan jalannya kembali, kembali.. Pada saat ku kan bertemu dengan dia, tercipta keraguan menyelimuti: sisa-sisa dan bayangannya di hatiku.. Sampai dia yang hilang t’lah kutemukan, sampai disanalah penungguanku. [Read More]