Startup Belly

These past few weeks, I’ve been indulging myself into reading numerous articles both local and abroad about Startups. Most of the articles are written by people from outside the startup bubble looking inside. This boils down into again, Perspective. I’m sure everyone has got something to say about startups, so do I lol. I am part of a Startup that has gone through significant changes internally. I say significant because it’s a different beast since I first joined. [Read More]

Superpowered Geeks

What a title lol! I just had one of the geekiest night just a few hours ago. Not in front of a laptop I might add, it’s one of those days when a few geeks gather to talk about geekness. The vitamin for the night are no other than towers and towers of Bali Hai beer at Bremer Kemang. Quite a night to wrap off a week full of prograsm :) [Read More]