Distributed File System with GlusterFS

Recently I had an itch about my 3 unused VMs. Each of them only has 512 MB RAM, 1 vCore and 10 Gigs of SSD. It’s limited in resource but this is what you get for US$ 1/month. From the 10 Gigs SSDs, I had approximately 21 Gigs of free space combined. This got me thinking. What if I could combine all the free space and have a mega volume? [Read More]

Cubieboard - Part 2 - VPN

So after setting my Cubieboard for my liking, another thing I want is to be able to access it anywhere and anytime. The trouble is, the ISP I am with right now is blocking all incoming ports, needs a work around. After some browsing and also from past experiences, I feel PPTP is my best bet. Incredibly easy to implement from a client/server perspective. The challenge is to keep the tunnel open at all times. [Read More]

Cubieboard - Part 1

Yesterday, my Cubieboard A10 board arrived, Yeay! I got it from Ebay for US$ 58. Long story short, I now have the most powerful remote control for 10 Watts. To top it up, I created a DIY case from the foam provided on the package. Installing Lubuntu into NAND I don’t have a micro-SD card handy right now so I scoured the Internet on how get Linux running in it without a micro-SD card. [Read More]