Coding with Code Igniter

Wow it’s been too long since I actually do any hands-on coding with PHP. This time I’m choosing Code Igniter as my framework of choice for an e-commerce project for one of Mediafusion’s client. [caption id=“attachment_287” align=“alignnone” width=“423” caption=“My Dreamweaver with CI Controller Codes”][/caption] After these past few weeks dwelling with complicated Java and all its glory, going back to my comfort zone, it felt great! I really feel that this is the right time to code in PHP again. [Read More] - Stock Photo Indonesia

This website is aimed as THE portal of Indonesian stock photos. Currently still in the process of piecing it all together. What I can tell you, it’s a purebred of OpenSource magic and Facebook will be its best friend. A first for me to incorporate Facebook wonders with websites. My first start was Facebook Connect. The Connect feature is already live on the homepage. Although now not 100% yet, it’s a preview of what’s to come. [Read More]

Imexindo International

A non-profit organization focused at annihilating violance, substance abuse and drug addiction. They do their work by cooperating with various parties. From the Police, PKK Mothers, Faith Leaders, Teachers and Private Companies. Indonesia is their primary land of objectives. This organization is derrived from the founder’s conviction for what she has endured in the past. The website was built upon Wordpress and the design template was taken from Please have look at their website at http://www. [Read More]

Level Tujuh - Event Organizer Solution

Level Tujuh is an event organizer with incredible depth. They are accustomed to handling large scale events ranging from corporate gatherings to Live TV musical events. Multinational companies are their usual clients. Officially named Level Tujuh in 2008. Their office in one of Jakarta’s elite neighborhood offers what none other offer. They have a large LCD TV consumed only for video games. You can find a variety of video game consoles there to play with while they do your thing. [Read More]

Sulaiman & Widjanarko - Attorneys at Law

Sulaiman & Widjanarko is a law firm fresh with youth energy. I am fortunate to have known the people behind the firm. They aim at being the first name in mind when young people needs any legal help. From starting your own company to handling disputes. I myself is a client. My job here is to spread the word of their newly found existence. I set them their emails and a simple website. [Read More]

Working Mams

The latest collection of websites we have worked with. It is a website focused to working women with children. The perception of glamour and feminine looks are the 2 main ideas in designing this website. The website is targeted to become a community. The inclusion of a FORUM (bulletin board), CHAT feature and an individual BLOG for every registered users are the backbone of this upcoming community. If all goes according to plan, it will be launched sometime around February 2007. [Read More]

Emporium Online

An online shop built for Faudzan Faudzi Network located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The website was built upon a magnificient piece of application called CubeCart. If you visit the site, we have added custom modules other than what CubeCart provides. We even added an Mp3 player to suit the client’s requirements so that shoppers can easily be swayed with the songs served. The online shop is a testament to our vision of integrating current technology wonders together with a pleasant and pleasing design. [Read More]

Children Indonesia

This websites serves as an online version of an already established magazine titled “Children Indonesia Magazine“. The website consists of 2 main areas; the first to be Parents while the second will be Children. The website is a mimic of the original printed version. It also offers a PDF version of every published issues.

Here’s a screenshot of the website:

[caption id=“attachment_53” align=“alignnone” width=“300” caption=“”][/caption]

Lite Street Wear

The online presence for a t-shirt label named “Lite Street Wear“. Created a custom blog for the website. A gallery for all the label’s collections is also built.

We can’t say much for this website as the design originates from the client himself. The process was pretty much straight forward; psd->css->html->php. Here’s a screenshot for your preview.

[caption id=“attachment_50” align=“alignnone” width=“300” caption=“”][/caption]

Aqualis Fabricare

Aqualis Fabricare is a laundry franchise based in Indonesia. The job was to develop a CMS for the website and providing minimal web server support.

Technologies used are the usuals: Linux, Apache and PHP/MySQL. Everything was custom developed solution due to the non-standard needs of the client.

[caption id=“attachment_39” align=“alignnone” width=“300” caption=“”][/caption]