Burn Windows 10 ISO To A USB Drive From A Mac

Burn Windows 10 ISO To A USB Drive From A Mac
I’m on a hackintosh, it gets tricky when trying to burn a Windows 10 ISO to a USB drive. Google comes up with a variety of different ways, none worked until I come across a Super User post here. It’s great but the actual burning process is slower than it should. The post tells you to output dd to a buffered /dev/diskX device. This means there will be processing overhead from the OS to write to that device. [Read More]

Windows 8 RTM & Visual Studio 2012 - Urbanesia on Windows 8

My first experience with Hello Worlds was through an old 8088XT that shows up a primitive BASIC IDE to hack on codes. Well now with the Urbanesia team and also past members of the team, we’ve created a native Windows 8 app for Urbanesia. We were in it from the start when Windows 8 was seeded as a Developer Preview. Our first IDE was Visual Studio 11 Beta that is now Visual Studio 2012. [Read More]

OAUTHnesia for Windows 8 Metro Apps C#

The last few days at Bandung was spent hacking a “proof of concept” application for Windows 8 Metro without using Urbanesia’s OAUTHnesia library. Now the library is done but still needs a few tweaks. All updates of the codes will be live in its Github Gist.

Without further ado, here’s the gist: [gist][/gist]

Microsoft Windows 8 Bootcamp Bandung

Urbanesia was invited to Microsoft Window 8’s Bootcamp in Bandung last weekend. Me, Arieditya and Aditya went there to see and experience ourselves the technical depth provided by the Windows 8 team. To cut things short, the experience was reinvigorating! After a bunch of process of liking, hating, yeah right-ing, hating, liking and now loving, I felt Microsoft’s attention to developers is an example to follow for other big names. [Read More]