Rooting and Installing Custom ROM on S-ON HTC Sensation

At the moment, I’m doing some weekend project coding in Android and since a Galaxy Tab does not qualify as a phone, I switched gadget. An iPhone for an HTC Sensation with my uncle. One thing I quickly miss is iPhone’s Retina Display, however the performance of the Sensation is sensational compared to my iPhone. Was happy until the battery keeps on dying out too soon. I figured HTC Sense played a big part, so I went hunting to get a Sense-less ROM. [Read More]

Android Ice Cream Sandwich on Galaxy Tab 7

After a long break, I thought I wanna write about Android. This time it’s Ice Cream Sandwich on a Galaxy Tab P1000. As always, for smartphone hacks, everyone should first go to and have a look if one of your gadgets has sub-forums. There’s a specific thread for Galaxy Tab 7 First generation and ICS love is there. This blog post is a confirmation that ICS works beautifully and incredibly fast and snappy on a Galaxy Tab P1000. [Read More]

Rooting For Foxconn Chinadroid Devices is Painless - A688

Okay so I got myself a new Android gadget to play with and only recently looking for ways to root the device. It was bundled with 24 Gigs worth of data plan free for 1 year! Who wouldn’t want to tether the data stream right? Lucky for me, the device is actually from an OEM named Foxconn somewhere in China. People are already rooting their devices and I am up for some free data ;) [Read More]

Rooting My Nexus One - Cyanogen Mod

Okay let me be straight up to you first, I rooted my Nexus One a few hours after I got it :) Here’s my experience rooting it. [caption id=“attachment_292” align=“alignnone” width=“274” caption=“Google Nexus One”][/caption] Before I start, while searching for a good picture of a Nexus One, I opened up Google’s official Nexus One web page. The Nexus One picture was actually a Flash applet lol. I hope this means that Google and Adobe are now soulmates lol. [Read More]