Tech & More @ Singapore

Okay, back in Jakarta after a 4 days trip to Singapore. Thanks to the organizing committee and the panelists for inviting Mediafusion to Singapore to present our ideas. Although the presentation was a fairly unprepared ordeal for us to say the least, we managed to get our ideas in the open and have gotten inputs and most importantly critics.

[caption id=“attachment_251” align=“alignnone” width=“423” caption=“Mediafusion @ Singapore's NUS”]Mediafusion @ Singapore's NUS[/caption]

We met a fellow Indonesian also contesting for Echelon 2010, Fajar. He’s got a great idea developed fully in Microsoft Silverlight. It’s nice to meet fellow Indonesians in an international event. I wish you the best! Whoever wins, let it be Indonesia bro!

Anyways, I was liking how a metropolitan country can be so enticing for technology minded people & enthusiasts. Singapore is enjoying a rapid adoption of current technologies. Apple iPhone 3G is sold at SG$ 100 with contract. That’s NOT a big number to spend to get an iPhone 3G. I see people everywhere using it. I guess it’s because walking and massive public transport use is a culture over there. They got a phone and an iPod all in 1 shiny iPhone.

A friend of mine over there was using an iPhone and he was all showing off how the gadget is being accepted very well in Singapore. Google Street View is alive in Singapore with their Google Maps. I tried it and it’s amazing to see 3D Photography on a handheld.

So we were heading to the US Embassy for a 4 bucks beer night and we needed some pointers about the bus we should take. So my friend pulled out his iPhone and the bus routes popped up. This is cool from an Indonesian point of view lol. Singapore also have their own local directory namely Red Nano and a well designed matching iPhone app for the directory.

The next thing is their home Internet plans. Did you know that 12 Mbps of Internet per month only costs Singaporeans SG$ 30? That’s madness and coolness all at the same time. Their prepaid mobile HSDPA USB Stick plans offer true HSDPA experience also. Well for an island so small, I guess infrastructure is not too big a deal.

Ok so I was in ION mall at Orchard and were getting a dose of wondering while waiting for the ladies to shop. Make that a couple of doses lol. I noticed that there was this shiny animated LCD screen with the floorplan of the level I am at. It was a touch screen! I like that very much. I can search all the stores inside the mall by entering some keywords. And then, it will show me how to get to a shop I choose. Here’s a video I recorded below.

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Here in Indonesia, technologies like that is a luxury when actually it’s not. Companies may well complain about its high price tag when actually by investing that much will multiply their incomes. Wanna know how? Talk to me!