Thank You, Now Something New

In most second semesters of Computer Science courses in Indonesia, students will learn about a course called Data Structure. In my case, it was a course about LinkedList taught in the C language. Of all the courses I took, this was the only one worth remembering all this time. Having an ever-connected list in which every node points to its previous and next nodes. The first being the head while the last is its tail. It’s time for a new head.

Over the past 2 years I’ve been working fully remote, I love how it has impacted my life but more to how it has impacted people in the company. Remote work requires discipline and a mature mindset. Making a habit of working effectively and being transparent about it. Although nothing beats an after-hours session in the office goofing about whatever or drinks with friends, eventually I adapted.

Built a cryptocurrency enabled platform to which I think only a handful of companies in Indonesia have also built. Not just a simple ERC20 contract to define a cryptocurrency, we built a whole platform. To say the technical challenges are interesting is the least of the learning. Building PlayGame introduced me to how the world works, plain and uncensored.

Just like a LinkedList, learning something new lets the head be redefined over and over. Knowledge can’t be contained into just 1 node, it’s too vast and with it comes choices on what to learn next. The favorite part of being a software engineer is learning, applying the discipline to other types of knowledge is an experiment I love doing.

The above said, as of today I no longer hold the CTO position in both PlayGame and MainGame.


I’d also like to publish something new today. I’ve been writing a new trading bot for the last 2 weeks. It’s called neobabix. Will have a full write-up about this later. I’ve built a few trading bots before, neobabix is a sum of all the knowledge and experience I’ve learned before.

The main focus of the bot being Strategy and Playbook. A strategy is a way to produce Long or Short signals while a playbook is a set of instructions on how to trade. More often than not, the number once cause of missed opportunities or even loss is the unreliable nature of exchange API’s.

I invite anyone reading this to have a look here.