The A That Is Not A (yet)

I’m finding myself having a hard time to conform and work in projects with double standards. Top it off with inexperience, a recipe for discomfort leading to WTF moments. At first, this was something I tend to overlook out of respect to shipping products in tight deadlines. But now, I see where it’s coming from.

Something systemic is the worst cause for anything undesirable. The jobs are done but with questionable conviction. Not talking about quality here.

Do you have conviction in your codes?

I think conviction is something that you posess early in your life or even later after you get wiser. Nonetheless, conviction is (I argue) the defining trait of an engineer. This is a highly subjective area with strong influence from these things:

  • Programming Language
  • Work Environment
  • Culture
  • Religion
  • Experience (Knowledge)
  • Family

Feel free to argue more or less factors influencing convictions but I feel the above is appropriate.

That said, I want some fresh air.