Tweeting #JustForFun

Java is an interesting fat lady if ur into BBW
PHP is a supermodel still figuring out her identity
JavaScript is a transvestite in Thailand: sexy, hot but not a woman still
C is the girl that got away
Objective C is someone you'd marry if you just spend more time understanding her
Ruby is a definitely the best one night stand ever
Bash is ugly but always there when you need her
SQL can handle anything, works best on a threesome with NoSQL
NoSQL is marriage material if only she understood me better
Basic is the one we all shagged :p
Virginity is a luxury lost over n over with developers alike with each new Hello World
Python is muscular like her name but will u date muscular all the time? Your call lol
Perl is autistic in her own space, mysterious and ur still finding reasons to get close to her
Cassandra is sweet, exotic but doesn't speak english, but I guess love is universal :p