Two for Two

I was gonna sleep but I felt I had to write. It’s a full day even from a startup standard. Today I did 100-100 for 2 startups I’m involved at. Been doing it for quite a while these past weeks.

Why Two?

I never planned to do even 1 just 1 month ago. Now there’s 2.


Bite sized happiness in 15 spices marinated pork + Sambal Andaliman

It started as an expensive hobby.

I love to cook, especially meat. My mom-in-law once taught me how to cook roasted pork Batak style with Sambal Andaliman. It was a revelation. With just salt, lime and a piece of meat, it was heaven.

So like any DIY guy, I developed the recipe even more. At first was dry rubs but I couldn’t get the intensity of the herbs to infuse. After a while, I got right. I invited friends many times to my place and serve them amazing roasted pork dishes.

Another friend of mine, Ervand said he wants to come by to my place. I asked him if he wants a bbq session. So we did.

From his first bite, his first words were SELL.

Long story short, we tried selling offline in a bazaar and also online through the usual social medias. You guessed it, social medias brought way more revenue.

We have a week-on-week growth of ~27%. This is great knowing that a startup averages around 7%.

The Other One

The second one is in direct corellation with the other. Again, I never planned this. This is the tech startup.

I felt the pain points that we are solving with the startup. It’s a great experience to actually be the market itself. It made me look at it from a deeper perspective. Not about what’s possible to be done but more to what’s important.

Now I tend to shift more of the challenges to a broader audience. But it came from something that I wanna use it myself to help me grow more revenue for the first startup. It’s Evernote style from early.

Sometimes I just wonder where I got the energy to focus and execute these 2 startups. I came across the quote below from here.

..And I think Steve knew that it also needed to be somebody that believed in the Beatles concept. [Jobs believed that the Fab Four brought out the best in one another—and moderated any individual’s excesses.]…

Both these startups have 1 thing in common from my perspective:

I have the highest respect towards the other founders because each one of us are just right for each other and each one of use care more about the user (consumer) than the solution.

As the other founder would say:

2015 is only 9 months left.