Update Your Nexus One to Froyo - Android 2.2 NOW!

I’m one of the happiest Nexus One owner today! Thanks to the guys at Modaco, my Nexus One is now an official Froyo! It’s the biggest smile I’ve had since a while lol. Updating it was a breeze as long as your Nexus One is already rooted. Next up is a walkthrough on how to get a Froyo for yours.

[caption id=“attachment_376” align=“aligncenter” width=“230” caption=“Froyo anyone?”]Froyo anyone?[/caption]

First of before going any further, you MUST root your Nexus One first. Follow the instructions from my earlier post here. After it’s rooted, the happy grins begin:

  1. Download the image from the post at Modaco above or a mirror provided here in this blog (MD5 Sum: 946229291ed8e24cd80aeb4a66ca2fc7)
  2. Copy the image to your Nexus One’s SD Card root directory and leave it as is in its zip format
  3. Turn off your Nexus One
  4. Boot into the bootloader by pressing the trackball and power button at the same time
  5. Use your Volume Down button to scroll to Recovery and press the power button
  6. At the recovery image options, use your trackball to select Wipe and wipe everything except SD Card partition
  7. Now get back to the initial options by pressing Volume Down
  8. Select the Flash from SD Card option and you’re set
  9. It will flash your Nexus One and after that it will take you back to the Recovery Image options. No worries, select Reboot System
  10. Welcome to Froyo!
Easy right?