Upgrade Nexian Journey to Gingerbread - Android 2.3

Tonight I was curious about some infos surrounding Gingerbread upgrade for Nexian Journey. From a thread here at XDA-Developers Forum, looks like a fellow Indonesian has managed to compile and install a Gingerbread ROM for his own Nexian Journey. I read about that a few days ago and last night CyanogenMod 7.0 was released. Still with RC0 but it’ll be nice to live on the edge :)

These are the requirements for Gingerbread to happen:

  • A Nexian Journey with Clockwork Recovery and Android 2.1 (Eclair) minimal. Follow my earlier tutorial here.
  • CyanogenMod 7.0 Gingerbread ROM here.
  • Google Apps MDPI 28122010 here.
I must warn you, this is a pre-release ROM, even RC (Release Candidate) is not what you will expect. You will have things not working as they should, instability and most of all unexpected behaviors. You are warned! If you’re still smiling then let’s do the upgrade:
  1. Copy the downloaded ROM and Google Apps to your SD Card.
  2. Restart your phone to Recovery Mode. Hold down power and select reboot to recovery if you’re on CyanogenMod. Power down the phone and power while pressing CAMERA, VOLUME UP, POWER if you’re not.
  3. Once you’re in RECOVERY MODE, scroll to INSTALL ZIP FROM SDCARD by using the VOLUME UP or VOLUME DOWN button. Please note that when you press and release the volume buttons, it’ll be counted as 2 scrolls. Press the trackball to make your choice.
  4. Select the Cyanogen Mod zip file and confirm flashing.
  5. Select Google Apps zip and confirm flashing.
  6. Use the BACK soft-button to go back to where you started, select WIPE DATA/FACTORY RESET and confirm.
  9. Back to the beginning and REBOOT!
When you’re done, you’re gonna be one of the early adopter of Gingerbread for Nexian Journey. SMILE :)