V3 of StartupLokal at Telkom GCC

For the last 2 #StartupLokal I was high because of its geeky spirit. You CANNOT buy geekiness cos it’s coming from deep inside of you, it’s who you are. V3 is getting less geeky and more corporate. Is it a price geeks pay for more exposures among other freebies?

I’m trying to figure out why the last 2 events were such inspiring moments for me and yet this third one felt more like a seminar. Being a developer and a startup founder, I experienced the limitations of a startup. Maybe because it’s such an open space, the limitation is seamlessly gone? I don’t know but I wanna know.

Comparing V3 with Echelon which is a formal event, the startup atmosphere is just not there with V3. Somehow it got lost along the way. Meeting at Starbucks and Oh La La, there’s another factor currently not present with V3 which I feel is uncertainty. Both events, we didn’t have control over any factor of the venue aside from the fact that it’s a place to meet. I truly hope in later events, we can still inject a startup atmosphere with every event.

I wore a pink sandal jepit today to the event lol. I tell you, this was NOT intentional. I went with Selina and Deche forgetting to wore my shoes left in the car. You know what, I was proud of it. At least personally I can still express some nyeleneh behavior which I feel important to have in every startup and I was true to myself even through sarcasm lol. Everything does happen for a reason ;)

Hopefully next events will be more geeky, startup-like and less like today. The ideas were great behind it, the execution was a different story —-> A short sentence I keep reminding myself everyday.

Again, I’m a developer and many of the guys who came are developers or at least started as one. My appreciation goes to Bancakan who @fachrybafadal told me that the event is a startup event also with a more down-to-earth atmosphere. I hope I can make it to Yogyakarta :) Very interesting to be a part of.

To wrap this up, I have to put a disclaimer following this paragraph which is in good nature.

DISCLAIMER: Everything written on this blog post or any other posts before and after this Disclaimer have nothing to do with Urbanesia and or any of its affiliation. Everything written is merely my personal opinion reflecting only what I have to say.