What a Day this 2nd of July 2010

Today is a FULL day for me. Aside from being a full day, it’s a day of happiness for me personally and professionally. My biology clock today was a bit off, but it’s well worth the day.

The day started at 00:00 and at that time I was in front of my MacBook coding. I sometimes wonder why I code. I was coding for a dream I once had with friends and wanting to live the dream again. Thank God Code Igniter is there to the rescue. Coding is almost effortless with Code Igniter lol.

Finished the coding fiesta 07:00 in the morning when my body is telling to stop. Fell asleep with my hands on the keyboard lol. I woke up very late around 15:00 only to find there’s nothing to eat. That’s when my mind told me to code again but this time is food coding hahaha. My brother bought a pack of bacon and another pack of salami. That’s the combination I want for a late lunch. Nasi Goreng is the easiest and voila, Nasi Goreng with Bacon and Salami. I ate while watching my brother trained his pet eagle. He’s good at it, he did it all only with a whistle, NICE!

After that I was off to my soon-to-be wife Yosephine’s office. Picked her up to go to our last Pre-Marital guidance at Church. Did you know how long I waited for this? Almost 2 years! When we got there, we thought it’ll be another experience and Q&A session. We were wrong. It was the day when we were given a license that we are now both eligible for marriage :D It was only pieces of paper but it’s meaningful for us. We followed through the whole process from zero and now we’re getting closer to the real deal. It made me remember why we are getting married.

From one of the session at Church, we were taught to differentiate between what we want and what we need. Thanks to J, He showed us what we need which is each other. We both came a long way from the day we met. From buses, taxis, bikes and being stuck in traffic in Jakarta, we did it all. So I guess we must be thankful for problems, without problems, there’s no improvement. We’ve had our share of problems and we are still together. One thing that I’m very grateful is her support for my own business. From a freelancer, employee and now a #StartupLokal, she’s been there all the way. All this is because of His mercy and LOVE for all of us.

I didn’t thought I could make it to East Venture’s event but J gave way. I managed to come although I was late. I don’t know why but I was really happy meeting startups. We are all going through the same thing each one of us. Some are already established, some are on their way being established and some are just starting. During my conversations, none of them regretted their decisions and so did I. Doing something you love is the best that can happen. Did you know the Scraplr guys stayed the night at Gambir station on our last #StartupLokal meetup? This is how far passion can take you. Hell, it took them to Echelon 2010 to pitch their startup. Being a startup today opens up more opportunities than never before. Although the business climate for startups is very unique here in Indonesia yet we are all still alive.

Again I must say that passion is never ending. Look at Hitler, his passion although crazy, disgusting and inhumane made him from a disappointed painter to the character we all knew. Even the mustache is a sign of a passionate man lol. My point is, passion is what makes any startup a success story. Success is measured differently between startups but I bet every little achievement you can accomplish is a fight well fought. Maybe that’s why investors invest on the founders, our passion can’t be measured with money but it can certainly make money lol.

I then went with @rampok and the Evolitera guys to watch Nederlands incredible come-from-behind victory over Brazil. After the match, Rama showed me the new design for DailySocial.net. I liked it. The first thing that caught my eye was the clean white background. I just love white, it shows a lot of LOVE you know! Because I feel it is exactly who Rama is. He loves what he do and his own startup is prove. I really enjoy debating over startup things or web with him. So Rama, ON THE RECORD, you’re the geekiest pimp and that’s a compliment & insult both at the same time hahahahahaha. Can’t wait for the English version of DailySocial.net though, would love to contribute ;)

It’s a great day for my future and all because of J. Thanks for everything and the new friends at #StartupLokal, you guys ROCK!