XL Network Time Slightly Disrupted

Today around 6 PM in the evening, my Blackberry’s time was messed up. The time for no reason was changed to 00:00. I checked my Date/Time settings and found something not right.

My operator is XL and what I like from XL is that it supports Network Time sync with my Blackberry. I choose to sync the time and what I found was the Network Time was set at the same 00:00 the next day as my Blackberry. Well it was actually 00:07.

I kept it like that for around an hour or so when I opened up my Blackberry to find that the time was corrected. I should’ve screenshot this but I was in the middle of something :(

Well that’s one blunder I noticed from XL among many. All my incoming emails got screwed up, no biggies for me but for time sensitive people, this can get messy.