XL Unlimited Internet Bundling - The Truth

Since the subscription started back in November 2009, I was happy. Now as it turns out, something so good couldn’t be that good.

I’ve been their evangelist because of how satisfied I am with their unlimited internet package. Can you imagine I got 1Mbps with HSDPA coverage. A very good speed remembering the internet speed climate in Indonesia.

Now I’m deeply disappointed. This past week, today was the second time I wasn’t able to get any internet. The first one happened mid-week and calling to 817 resolved the problem almost instantly.

Today the problem started from around 3 pm and it continued even until now. I’m using the SIM card on my Nexus One and I can see that it’s not even registering to the GPRS network.

On my first call the agent told me that she will try to refresh the system. So I said ok, what shocked me is that when she said the SIM card is NO LONGER tied to the unlimited internet package.

I was pissed to be honest. There were no notifications whatsoever and I was cut off just like that. When I bought this package at Indocomtech 2009, they told me that for the first 6 months, I must pay IDR 250.000 per month which are IDR 150.000 for unlimited internet and IDR 100.000 for the modem installment. It was a great deal!

So moving on again to today’s events. The first time I called after the agent said that the SIM card was no longer registered on the unlimited internet package, I asked her why there were no notifications to me regarding this. She couldn’t answer me to a point where I can see where the problem lies. Instead she told me to wait on the line while she figure things out. I waited for a long time until I decided that she was too “busy” to handle my complaint.

Switching off the handset for 5 mins didn’t help like the last time. I called 817 again and this time the agent is MUCH more helpful. She told me the same thing and that she would call me after she figure things out.

Not long (under 5 minutes) after I hung up, she called me. She confirmed that the SIM card was no longer on the unlimited package and she filed a report about this to be handled by their team. She also said I will get an sms to notify me updates. I asked her how long I must wait untill I can get the internet working again. She politely said that they will do their best. All I can respond was that “OK looking forward for a reply”.

Well well well I bet my case turned out like this because of some sleazy marketing staff at Indocomtech “forgot” to mention the terms and conditions of this specific package! This is what happened when businesses put money first above service. I was NOT satisfied at all.

By the way, the agent also told me that the internet package was already cut off since 5th of May. That leaves me with data connection bills. If they asked me to pay for the connection since 5th of May, I will most passionately refuse! There were no warning nor notifications to me directly!

Well XL, you’ve been great but I think it’s time for me to move on to bigger and better services, Next stop: Telkomsel Flash.

Update 1: Today an SMS from XL warned me that my bill is nearing its credit limit. The current on-the-go bill is now at IDR 440.000 when the credit limit is capped at IDR 550.000. I frantically called 817 to ask about this. For the bill it was that much from 4th May 2010 until today 8th of May 2010. I didn’t use the phone that much except for Internet and I asked for the details and the agent couldn’t give the information because of some system lockdown. She also told me my unlimited internet package was seen registered at the system from 4th March 2010 when I subscribed as early as November 2009. This is crazy. Until I get my hands on the billing details, I can’t say much. Will update when I do.